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Coatings Testing

The team of chemists at Chemical Dynamics assists coatings companies, coating applicators and end users by analyzing paint, powder coatings, aerosols, and specialty coatings. We identify the contaminants in products, provide failure analysis, and reverse engineer products. Though we provide these services with precision, we do so mindful of the financial and time constraints facing our customers. Let us know the parameters within which we must work to solve your problems and we will not only meet, but will exceed your expectations.

As part of the Chemical Dynamics’ coatings offering, we specialize in coatings testing for our clients in the following areas:

  • ASTM testing for paint and coatings
  • AAMA testing for paint and coatings
  • Methods development
  • Other varieties of paint and coatings testing- inquire for more detail

Remember that when we discuss the definition of coatings, we are not just talking about wall or car paint. Adhesives, undercoats, primers, varnishes, enamels, stains, caulk, asphalt roof coatings and sealants are part of our expertise. If at any time your coating fails- we have the equipment and expertise to diagnose the problem and provide an effective solution.

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